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Kim Kardashian FINALLY Reacts To Scott Disick Dating Sofia Richie

More Celebrity News ►► Kim Kardashian has FINALLY responded to Scott Disik’s relationship with Sofia Richie. And apparently, she approves? On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The KarJenners take on fashion week, in order to support their girl Kendall, who was modeling in the show. And while they

Pyeongchang: HISTORIC Triple Axel, Plus a CRAZY Wardrobe Malfunction

More Celebrity News ►► If you have yet to tune into the 2018 Winter Olympics, you may want to rethink your priorities because Team U.S.A just set the bar pretty freaking high. The tables have officially turned following last night’s figure skating competition in Pyeongchang when U.S. figure skater

Omarosa ‘Haunted’ by President Trump Tweets, She Confesses on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Celebrity Big Brother is barely underway, yet contestants are already getting political. Omarosa Manigault, who is best known from season 1 of The Apprentice and for serving in President Donald Trump's White House, had a heart-to-heart with Ross Mathews — insinuating she might not be as gung-ho about Trump as

Celebrity Big Brother Was the Recast Twist Used

Julie Chen always says to "Expect the unexpected" when it comes to twists on Big Brother. The celebrity edition of the hit series is no different, and we picked up with Shannon Elizabeth's big win becoming a big question mark. That was because one houseguest had the power to overthrow


CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER EPISODE 2 RANT Where do I even begin! The episode has Omarosa crying, Chuck actually PLAYING THE GAME and James playing the roll of CAPTAIN OBVIOUS with his words of wisdom. Night 2, again, had more game play than the entire season of BIG BROTHER 19!!!   #bigbrother #celebritybigbrother #celebritybigbrotherusa         Don't miss a breakdown!!

Celebrity Big Brother: Das sind die Stars der 1. US-Version!

Celebrity Big Brother: Das sind die Stars der 1. US-Version! . Celebrity Big Brother: Das sind die Stars der 1. US-Version!Aufgepasst, Trash-TV-Fans! In den USA geht doch tatsächlich die erste Promi-Version von Big Brother an den Start – ab dem 7. Februar auf CBS... ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- +I do not own any images.

6 BEST 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Highlights

More Celebrity News ►► We’re breaking down 6 highlights from the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony... If you missed the opening ceremony, then you missed the return of Gangnam style. The Winter Olympics take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea this year, and there were a number of epic moments from the opening ceremony.

Cole Sprouse Says Bughead “Work Together Best” On Riverdale

More Celebrity News ►► Between everything that’s gone down in the town of Riverdale, sustaining a stable relationship isn’t exactly an easy task, as seen first-hand from both Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones AKA Bughead. Fans have been rooting for the two since day one, but if you’ve been keeping

Kim Possible LIVE-ACTION Movie In The Works & Here’s Fans’ Top Casting Pick

More Celebrity News ►► It’s Official. A Live-Action Kim Possible Movie is coming to The Disney Channel and Fans are freaking out! HOST ON CAMERA: Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. No seriously, call me. I’ll be in the movie. So it was announced a couple of

Logan Paul’s YouTube Channel BLACKLISTED – Scott Disick SHADES Kris Jenner (DHR)

More Celebrity News ►► Logan’s channel gets into some trouble, and Scott fires back at Kris. All this & more on today’s DHR. For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out Keep up with us on Instagram:

Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Daughter ‘Butterfly’? | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Rumor has it Kylie Jenner named her daughter Butterfly, and if you’ve been paying attention to the clues you would understand why it’s a plausible theory. SUBSCRIBE NOW : Did Kylie Jenner name her daughter Butterfly? That’s the rumor. If you’ve been paying attention, like a lot of her fans, they make a

Natalie Portman Has a 100 Stories of Sexual Harassment | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Natalie Portman initially though she doesn’t have a story to share as the Time’s Up and MeToo campaigns pick up steam, then she realized she had a 100. SUBSCRIBE NOW : Natalie Portman has been in Hollywood for a long time, so when she says she has hundreds of stories about

Chris Hemsworth is Open to ‘Dundee’ Reboot | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Chris Hemsworth reportedly told an Australian publication that he would love to turn his Crocodile Dundee Super Bowl commercial into a real movie. SUBSCRIBE NOW : Just as we suspected, Chris Hemsworth would love to turn his Crocodile Dundee Super Bowl commercial into a real movie. That’s right, the Australian actor reportedly

Amber Heard Fined $7,000 for Skipping Deposition | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Amber Heard has been fined almost $7,000 for skipping a deposition in her ongoing legal dispute with a producer. SUBSCRIBE NOW : Amber Heard had herself a bit of legal trouble, and it’s going to cost her. The actress was fined almost seven thousand dollars for skipping a deposition in her ongoing

Dakota Johnson wows at Fifty Shades Freed premiere l Celebrity 24h News

The actress looked every inch the leading lady as she slipped her incredible physique into a ivory sequin-encrusted gown at the Fifty Shades Freed premiere in Paris on Tuesday night. Celebrity 24h News - Channel updated entertainment news, the latest celebrity news of the day. Please SUBSCRIBE my channel free here

Caitlyn Jenner BREAKS Silence On Kylie Jenner’s Baby Daughter

More Celebrity News ►► Caitlyn Jenner has broken her silence about Kylie’s pregnancy with a sweet post on instagram. Wondering what Caitlyn has to say about Kylie’s new addition to the family? Lets talk about it. When Kylie posted her internet breaking baby announcement video, Caitlyn Jenner was noticeably missing.

Khloe Kardashian HINTS At Kylie Jenner’s Baby’s Name & Kris REACTS To Rumors

More Celebrity News ►► Kylie took to Snapchat to share a video of Khloe’s recent post-birth gift to her little sis, a stunning arrangement of pastel-colored flowers in the shape of the letter C. Kylie captioned the pic “C is for…” so that HAS to be a hint that her

Selena Gomez SHUTS DOWN Charlie Puth Rumors – Kian Lawley FIRED Over Racist Remarks (DHR)

More Celebrity News ►► Selena slams Charlie dating rumors, and Kian gets fired from his upcoming movie. All this & more on today’s DHR. For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out Keep up with us on Instagram:

Kylie Jenner REVEALS Baby Daughter’s Name & Internet REACTS

More Celebrity News ►► Kylie Jenner officially revealed her baby daughter’s name on Instagram today, so everyone, say hello to STORMI! Kylie shared an adorable photo of Stormi holding onto her mom’s thumb, along with the caption “Stormi” followed by a little baby angel emoji. It’s clear that the thumb